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Dave Stegner
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Message 2024230 - Posted: 21 Dec 2019, 22:44:14 UTC

I have not ventured into GPU previously.
I purchased a EVGA GEforce GT1030 2GB GDDR5 card.
I acquired it to run multiple monitors but, thought I might try SETI in spare time.

Anyone with a recipe as to where to begin, what to run??

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Grant (SSSF)
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Message 2024241 - Posted: 21 Dec 2019, 23:31:39 UTC

There are presently some server issues, so even if your system is Set to use the video card, it may not be able to get work anyway.
And keep in mind, that is an extreme low end video card, so it's performance won't be all that great at all.

You will need to download & install a driver to support the card fully, and since you are running WIn7 that may not be possible. Your best bet is to go to NVidia's driver page, select your Operating system details- Win7 32bit or 64bit depending on which system you have it on, then select the model number of the card- GT1030, and see if there is a driver for it. If not, no crunching is possible.

If there is a driver, download it, install it, most likely re-boot, and when BOINC starts should then show that card as a compute device in the BOINC Event Log.
In your account page here at Seti@home, under Preferences, is Preferences for this project, click on "Seti@home preferences", down the bottom click on Edit preferences, then back near the top make sure "Use NVIDIA GPU" is ticked, then save the changes.
Next time BOINC contacts the Scheduler (or you click on Update in the manager) it will download those changes and the next time it contacts Seti it should get some work (depending on how the servers are behaving at the time).
Keep in mind that card is the lowest of the low, and it's performance will be a low as it can get.
Darwin NT
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Message 2024601 - Posted: 23 Dec 2019, 8:38:12 UTC

Keep in mind that card is the lowest of the low, and it's performance will be a low as it can get.

Oh, I've got cards that are MUCH more puny than a 1030. :D
But yes for current cards, it's "entry level". I have one because my daughter want's to play Minecraft and Roblox on her older I5 slimline PC, and it gets that done just fine.

Otherwise, follow those instructions, and it will "work".
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Richard Haselgrove Project Donor
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Message 2024602 - Posted: 23 Dec 2019, 8:42:27 UTC - in response to Message 2024241.  

There's plenty of Windows 7 driver support from NVidia - no problem there.
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