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Message 2011505 - Posted: 10 Sep 2019, 20:34:08 UTC

I have recently started back the look for life. I had taken a several year break from participating in this project. Now, I am back and it is fantastic how much faster we can crunch with the hardware we have now.

I am finding it a bit lonely here, and am looking for a team that is active and has people that want to get to know each other.

Being a single man team is no fun. I am currently a 1%, and I am slowly ramping up more machines. Does someone want to take me in?
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Message 2011558 - Posted: 11 Sep 2019, 6:30:01 UTC

The Raccoons wil welcome you with open arms
Click on my name on the left then follow the link to the greatest little teams in town
Bob Smith
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