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Message 2010099 - Posted: 31 Aug 2019, 5:39:27 UTC

Hello I wanted to invite you to join our team. (( Team Top 25 Percent )) (((yes team is in the name.))) My name is Mike I started this team with mostly 25% users and made it all the way to 60th in the world. Now we are recruiting anyone that has the same goals as we do. Being the first team to get a message from another civilization! To join or team is easy. Just click the community tag. Then TEAMS tag. Scroll bottom left to ((all teams))..
Once There type in the name (( Team Top 25 percent )) click on the name and a join team tag should pop up. It is that easy. The best part to a team is we do work in groups or blocks. So if you and 5 team members do a block even if you do 10% of said block you will get credit for a find with the team. It makes your 25% go so much farther. Hope to see you on the team.

"Team Top 25 Percent"

Search On!!
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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Team Recruiting 25% Members!!

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