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christina hannon

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Message 2003109 - Posted: 18 Jul 2019, 6:22:05 UTC

Hello there,

Buying Refurbished Hp elite Book Laptop For Normal Usage Good Idea Or Bad?
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Message 2003125 - Posted: 18 Jul 2019, 11:36:40 UTC - in response to Message 2003109.  

I am going to assume "normal usage" is that of BOINC and SETI@Home as that is the only purpose of this forum. In that case, yes, it will be fine, with the usual caution for laptops to be careful they don't overheat as many were not designed with enough heat dissipation to run 24x7 at 100% load which BOINC will do. A cooling pad or elevating the laptop slightly off the surface it sits on is recommended.
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