GPU does not calculate

Questions and Answers : Windows : GPU does not calculate
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Message 1999914 - Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 12:38:53 UTC - in response to Message 1999907.  
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It's going to be difficult to assist you as you have hidden display of your computer(s) which is required to troubleshoot (this also will show workunits and errors etc.) You can enable it by clicking your profile at the top-right, then "SETI@Home Preferences" and checking "Should SETI@home show your computers on its web site". Thanks.
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Message 1999934 - Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 14:02:31 UTC - in response to Message 1999921.  

Make sure it's done on the right venue/location for your computer, else this option will stay hidden. These pages may be cached and all, but it shouldn't take 50 minutes before the option becomes available to helpers.
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Message 1999952 - Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 15:30:17 UTC - in response to Message 1999907.  

Since this is a new BOINC installation, your machine is being sent a variety of applications to determine its ability to process work correctly. The schedulers have sent you the initial CUDA42 and CUDA50 tasks so far and only one SoG task. You have only developed an APR for the CUDA42 application so far. Both the CUDA applications use very little cpu to crunch tasks on the gpu with those applications. They are also the slowest of the gpu applications. Until you have processed 11 validated, not overflowed, not radar blanked tasks with the SoG application and developed an APR for that application will the schedulers then decide that the SoG app is best for your host. The SoG app is the fastest gpu application and requires a full cpu thread to support the gpu thread and the gpu utilization will increase accordingly. You just have to have patience until your host processes enough work to get the better application.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : GPU does not calculate

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