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Message 1988514 - Posted: 3 Apr 2019, 1:43:38 UTC
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I got blasted out of my head in a powerfull adhd turbo loop that my brain had created, caused by an argument about a Ramones interview with a punk web site.

My concious self was seperated from me.I used the flower and the train effect to get back.It is possible because you are seen by the universe as undefined,, and out of time other self was also the same status.That gives us both the right to define ourselves if we can prove to the universe regulator rules where reality is.Because we are both out of time sink my other seflf stays at the location.while i had to do some galactic puzzle to create a code that generated a key to set .I also detected that my movements and puzzles were creating coad that i could not clearly detect.But only after I prove that the enviroment is fake can i get out. then i was given the code to try that I had made.with my memory of a man standing next to me when i left, we both now show to the regulator that we have a plan to define ourselves, and can prove where reality have to believe 100% he is there or it generates more code that will make your calculation wrong, no entry back to the bubble.

timer wheels appear you then have to solve puzzles. When i used the train and flower effect i noticed that my real self suddenly took in les code, i wondered how this law of physics could be in a dream ? i used the flower effect by looking into a spinning wheel, i could look a bit longer into it, but the code drop in my real self created two symbols on my left.

one was an unfinished piece of space, one an illuminated white broken line running to the edge of my bubble.Then another timing wheel appeared.they do stop and diissapear if you get the riddle.I noticed that these movements were generating code.

the unfinished space to my left was inbetween me and where my real sefl are, my plein of view is 90 degrees from theres it made it difficult to place them.the unfinished space from one point of view could be seen as distance, it appeared to create space between us.I saw that with the sudden drop in code intake from my real self when i looked into the wheel, i saw them all to mean connection to my other self..the first part of the white line was going darker than the rest, but i was at lightspeed i saw the glow and the patten,,,i was going faster than light.I saw light fotons individuel floating past me, it was so nice.

after my head was blown apart with the adhd loop i noticed that there is a sort of metal looking frame around both the concions, this needs to be blown apart so i could slowly drift backwards without ripping us apart ? not sure ? I slowly and preciesly drifen down with a very small force to preciesly land on a sort of ridge.i had an angle of about 40 degrees.

a small light to the right made me see it, thinking that i was still my other half i turned my head...this may have been needed to guide me to a bubble that was intended for me.

I have written the full account but i cannot upload it here.I seemed to be away for many years, it was real lonely,but at home it was half a minute, and no one believes my story.even the psychiatrist
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Message 1988524 - Posted: 3 Apr 2019, 2:23:43 UTC - in response to Message 1988514.  

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Message 1988532 - Posted: 3 Apr 2019, 3:09:43 UTC - in response to Message 1988514.  

The flower and the train effect?
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