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Message 1988485 - Posted: 3 Apr 2019, 0:14:23 UTC

This time the primary database machine crashed and hasn't automatically recovered. We've fallen back to the replica machine, and the only symptom should be a few extra hours of outage.

I'm glad we have the replica.

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Message 1988487 - Posted: 3 Apr 2019, 0:26:05 UTC

You know you were asking for trouble Eric with the short maintenance outage this morning. Ha ha.
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Message 1989165 - Posted: 7 Apr 2019, 17:16:37 UTC

No BOINC STATS update today.

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Message 1989227 - Posted: 8 Apr 2019, 0:10:25 UTC - in response to Message 1989165.  

A minor inconvenience since the credits BOINCstats couldn't pick up yesterday (because of S@h's outage) will be picked up within the next 24 hrs (in addition to the credits your hosts will have accumulated in the meantime). No credits will be lost, ronssito :)

No BOINC STATS update today. Thanks!

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Message boards : News : Another crash

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