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Message 1984477 - Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 0:43:44 UTC

So are we listening in the right direction? Are we on the right frequency or even the right form of communication? Is the array pointed at the older more advanced civilizations that may have tech equal to or more advanced then are feeble stuff? And lastly how do I know when I get a WOW signal?
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Message 1984486 - Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 2:29:19 UTC
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Welcome to the project, and the forum, onlooker!

We don't know what the right direction could be, nor the right frequency, assuming there were single 'right' ones. Radio waves are monitored because radio astronomy observations mean that sensitive radio receiver systems are available.Since we don't know where advanced civilizations in space may be, we wouldn't know where to point at them.
When data analyzed by your computer is returned to the project, it is further analyzed. If anything as noteworthy as the famous 'wow signal' is found, persists, and is not found to have a mundane explanation , you will be advised, as will everyone else.
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Message 1984494 - Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 3:26:00 UTC
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From my screensavers I see that Arecibo and Green Bank listen to different frequencies, Arecibo 1.42 GHz, Green Bank 1.92 . Is there a reason?
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Message 1984522 - Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 8:26:11 UTC

I would have thought that it made sense to cover as wide a range of frequencies as possible, as we simply don't know what frequencies ET might be best found on.
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