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Scott Ewing

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Message 1980516 - Posted: 15 Feb 2019, 15:04:10 UTC

In December 2018, my overall rank changed. I was in the the top ~14,000 and then suddenly I was placed in the top ~30,000.

Appears to have happened "overnight".

Any idea what happened / changed?

Scott Ewing
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Message 1980524 - Posted: 15 Feb 2019, 16:17:58 UTC

You must have got these figures from a third-party site as the SETI website will only let on see back the first 10,000 people.
Sorry, in that case it's a question for that site.
Bob Smith
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Message 1980529 - Posted: 15 Feb 2019, 16:25:55 UTC - in response to Message 1980516.  

If you've seen this on a third party statistics website, here's what BOINCStats says:

The following project require you to consent to exporting your statistics to stats sites. If you do not do so your data will be removed from the export and in accordance with the GDPR all your data from these projects will be removed from BOINCstats as well. This data can’t be recovered!

You need to consent before they enforce the setting in the export!

Albert@home *
Einstein@Home *
LHC@Home *
LHCathome-dev *
NumberFields@home *
World Community Grid *

*Already enforced

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