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Message 2135805 - Posted: 13 May 2024, 23:48:50 UTC

And they wonder why their congregations are shrinking fast.

Catholic archbishop's denouncement of 'transgender lobby', legal abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, heavily criticised.

A letter to the parents of Catholic school students in Tasmania detailing a list of grievances by the archbishop, including that the church "cannot stand as we experience our freedoms being taken from us", has been criticised by politicians and LGBTIQA+ advocates.

The letter, titled "We are Salt to the Earth" and dated May 2, was first sent to Guilford Young College students last week, but has since been forwarded to at least four other Catholic schools in the state.

Archbishop Julian Porteous takes aim at "radicalised transgender lobby" groups, legal abortion access, voluntary assisted dying and euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and more.

"What we are now witnessing in our Australian society is the imposition of certain ideological positions on social and moral questions by means of legislation," the archbishop wrote.

"Over the last 30-40 years we have witnessed an organised campaign to overturn the traditional Christian understanding of sex and sexuality in western society. This activist work culminated in the 2017 change to the legal definition of marriage to allow same sex couples to marry, following a public plebiscite."

Archbishop Porteous said: "Since this time we have seen the growth in what has been referred to as the 'woke' movement, seeking to overturn other traditional values and beliefs."........
And we all know that when salt is added to arable land it becomes infertile.
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