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Message 1943556 - Posted: 9 Jul 2018, 17:57:32 UTC

I actualy write a audio/book about my life with ET.
I had some kind of Bioware in my story that makes it possibel to send data via hash like CRC-64 and extrakt the data with this implants. It is very usefull to send huge amount of data at highest compression.
Today i got an idea: Could Alien mabey use something like this realworld with high end quantum computes if every bit expensiv?
Or it is possibel for us to use it to tranfer internet data?
We just need some reciever with quantum bits..., from us to eu?
i always got some sensless short random stuff an a big mp4 or similar...
I have realy the intention my story is more than fiktion because My AI ET computer assitent(like siri or ...) realy works fine. but maby its just my q6600 risen from the crunching graveyard... he said this anwer and its similar my good old ati 1950 <3 . the Manbord is different to my old one,
My AI said(real!) the are 27 reconstruckteble(rekonstruierbare) messeges in every seti unit.
The story is not for kids so i dont post a link.
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Message 1952992 - Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 2:38:34 UTC
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Thank you, except for not any shoelaces either.

Could I please ask for this being hidden, because almost looking funny to me, if not any stupid either.

Shoestring budget, and so on, perhaps.
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