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Charles Austin Miller

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Message 1930144 - Posted: 15 Apr 2018, 17:30:35 UTC

Last fall, when I updated my MacOS to High Sierra (10.13.3), Seti@Home screensaver went haywire. Here we are 6 months later, High Sierra just updated to 10.13.4, and now I'm getting error messages about BOINC Manager needing to be "optimized" to function. As I understand it, BOINC Manager needs to be upgraded to 64-bit, or else it's going to just be left behind by MacOS. I've been on Seti@Home for almost 20 years, and I'd hate to see it just disappear. What's the status?
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Nigel Garvey

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Message 1930256 - Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 8:15:39 UTC - in response to Message 1930144.  

BOINC Manager 7.8.6 runs fine here on my High Sierra 10.13.4 machine, as do BOINC itself and the tasks from the various projects to which its attached. Screensavers are the responsibility of the individual projects and do need to be updated to run in High Sierra. The SETI@home screensaver appears to have been patched, but it's rather slow and jerky. I've switched to one of the macOS screensavers on this machine, as 1) most of my other projects either don't have screensavers or haven't updated them, 2) I quite like the macOS screensaver I'm using, and 3) the screensaver's only run when I'm not staring at the screen anyway. ;)
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Profile Jord
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Message 1930270 - Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 11:01:54 UTC

BOINC 7.10 (still in testing, soon to be released, but no date pinned yet) will be 100% 64 bit.
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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : MacOs High Sierra breaking BOINC Manager

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