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Message 1910172 - Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 7:36:44 UTC

In my last blog post I described some ways to improve the multiplet-finding algorithm, with the goal of finding more and high-scoring multiplets - i.e. to improve our changes of finding E.T. in the signal database.

These changes seemed daunting, but over the holidays I had some free time so I implemented them. The current online data (as of today) reflects the results.

Things look good! The top barycentric spike multiplets are mostly birdies, which is what we want. In general there are lot more multiplets. When everyone's back from vacation we'll look over the results and decide what to do next.
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Sir Rodney Ffing

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Message 1910358 - Posted: 3 Jan 2018, 18:00:33 UTC

Nice news.
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