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Message 1893694 - Posted: 6 Oct 2017, 21:54:07 UTC
Last modified: 6 Oct 2017, 21:54:52 UTC

New thread, because I can't see where to put it without getting drowned by noise.
New report by PEW, Partisan divides over political values widen

It is a long, long read, I've only read 1st page (with interruptions), and not sure I fully understand it yet.
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Message 1893698 - Posted: 6 Oct 2017, 22:02:35 UTC

You mean the current state of affairs in the world and politics is causing a divide? I'm shocked! [/sarcasm]

Seriously though I remember reading somewhere along the way that the election of someone swinging as right as Trump, would lead to a political climate in which more and more extreme politicians would be ran against each other (and elected). This is because each side will fear a loss by not appealing enough to their base...

And here we are. IF the democratic party wishes to win back enough of their base to secure a victory, they will be relying on a platform that rallies liberals like never before...
This of course will cause the pendulum to swing even further...

Aren't we all so glad Trump was elected?

Personally I'd rather be back in the days of Bush II, and I do NOT say that lightly.

.... Big ol extremist YAP.
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