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Message 1892972 - Posted: 2 Oct 2017, 18:10:26 UTC

Berkeley SETI Research Center is holding a fundraiser to raise $7000 to send our student interns to conferences to present their work.

We’ve been working with some great students at Berkeley SETI, and we’re optimistic that some of them will become the scientists and engineers who lead the field in future and maybe even find the signal we’re searching for. In the meantime they have been doing amazing work and we’d like to send them to academic conferences to present their results, and for their own professional development. If you would like to help with this effort, we are running a crowdfunding campaign at - every donation counts! We also have some fun perks including the chance to ask questions to members of the Berkeley SETI team, and to attend a party in our lab.

Although this does not directly benefit SETI@home (our annual fundraiser will start in a couple weeks), it's a worthy cause. I'll be contributing!

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Message 1893139 - Posted: 4 Oct 2017, 11:20:48 UTC

Why don't we have those payable in BitCoins or GridCoins? ;)

non-profit org. Play4Life in Zagreb, Croatia, EU
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Message 1893196 - Posted: 4 Oct 2017, 17:32:51 UTC - in response to Message 1893139.  

Why don't we have those payable in BitCoins or GridCoins? ;)

Likely because the Regents of the University of California, a quasi-government agency, can't accept anything but legal tender?
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Message 1895231 - Posted: 14 Oct 2017, 4:12:38 UTC - in response to Message 1893196.  

I mean calculators going to 555...
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Message 1895390 - Posted: 14 Oct 2017, 22:31:08 UTC - in response to Message 1892972.  

Deer Eric Korpela The computing power is important in the project. Computer builds on skeleton. I was thinking about the Ryzen 1950X but the two Ryzen 1700 OC 3.4-3-9 is the same.
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