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Message 1854296 - Posted: 10 Mar 2017, 8:06:51 UTC

I did another run of RFI removal (with new drifting RFI parameters), and scored 100K pixels. The results are in the usual place.

A quick scan of the top-scoring multiplets (bary and non-bary) suggests that the drifting RFI algorithm is working very well. Check out the examples I bookmarked. If you can find any places where it's working, please bookmark them and reply to this thread.

There's still something amiss with the scoring algorithm. Non-bary multiplets should not have scores of -100,000 (remember, score is the log of probability, and nothing is THAT improbable). I've added a new "Scoring Details" button for pixels that shows the verbose output of the scoring algorithm. This is for Eric, and probably won't make sense to anyone else.
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Message 1855251 - Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 10:01:31 UTC
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I suppose red vertical line of spikes is RFI and it gets removed by RFI removal algorithm indeed.
But what about 6 horizontal blue lines of pulses? Hitting RFI removal button doesn't remove them.
But those lines show some regularity. Especially 4 in center - equidistant ones. Actually, ones on top and bottom fit in same equidistant pattern too with one line missing .
Is it RFI? Or pulses out of consideration currently?

EDIT: it looks like periodic sequence of very short pulses (that give flat spectrum ). Something for AstroPulse to deal with, no?
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