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Message 1853825 - Posted: 8 Mar 2017, 14:28:07 UTC

When BOIC is enable and running SETI, why is the CPU fan constantly running? I even set the CPU to 10%. Plus, when I am using another app, BOIC is still running.
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Message 1853843 - Posted: 8 Mar 2017, 16:01:06 UTC - in response to Message 1853825.  

If you're talking about the i7 with hostID 8220757...
When you're running work from Seti, the CPU and/or GPU is doing intensive calculations on tasks it got appointed.
In your case things are even worse, as you're allowing BOINC to use the CPU, the built-in Intel GPU and the AMD GPU.

All of these will heat up quite a bit when doing these calculations, hence why the fans are spinning wildly to try to cool things down.
Setting the CPU Time to 10% doesn't help much here, as this isn't a sustained throttle, instead it just tells BOINC to do calculations for 1 second and pause for 9 seconds on every 10 seconds. You can just as well tell BOINC to suspend completely, it isn't going to do much work this way.

What you should do instead is decide what you want to run with:
- the CPU
- the CPU and one GPU
- the CPU and both GPUs
- both GPUs
- one GPU

And then set that up in the project preferences: (edit them, uncheck what you don't want to use/run with, click the Update preferences button). You can find that link under your account, under your name in the right top corner of the web site, Preferences for this project.
The next time BOINC contacts the project it will get those new preferences in.

However, any work still in cache for the CPU and all GPUs needs to be returned in one way or another, either by completing it and reporting it, or by aborting the tasks you don't want BOINC to do.

Seeing how this is a laptop, you probably also should tell BOINC not to use all CPU cores, via the Use at most N of the CPUs value in the computing preferences. Set it to 50% to use 2 cores and leave the other 2 free. When those aren't fully used, temperatures will go down already.
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Message 1853847 - Posted: 8 Mar 2017, 16:38:52 UTC

...and don't use the iGPU, they are notorious for generating a lot of heat in the CPU for very little return.
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