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Joseph Machinist

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Message 1820618 - Posted: 29 Sep 2016, 19:42:07 UTC

In the bottom right hane corner of my screen it says "breakthrough" and Listen

Top right hand corner it says Seti@home / Breakthrough!

instead of the starry background there is a photo floating of a signal.

Is this something new? Never Seen it before?
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Profile Jord
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Message 1820783 - Posted: 30 Sep 2016, 8:39:47 UTC - in response to Message 1820618.  
Last modified: 30 Sep 2016, 8:41:52 UTC

From SETI@home Version 8 has been released
Eric Korpela, 1 Jan 2016 wrote:
SETI@home version 8 has been released. This version finally gives us the ability to process data from multiple sources, including the Green Bank Telescope. That means we'll be ready for data from Breakthrough Listen when it's available.

From Breakthrough Listen data now flowing:
Eric Korpela, 12 Apr 2016 wrote:
Happy Yuri's Night #55, the 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic first space flight on April 12, 1961.

In celebration, we're starting distribution of Breakthrough Listen data from the Green Bank Telescope today. No intervention is necessary on your part. The main difference you will see is a change in your screen saver graphics, if you have them running. We'll still be distributing Arecibo data as well, so that won't change.

The Breakthrough Initiative is also distributing raw data in multiple formats, so you can write your own analysis code if you'd like.

Other news and articles about Seti and BTL in the News forum.
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Message 1821119 - Posted: 1 Oct 2016, 17:57:08 UTC

thnaks for sharing man its very helful
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