How do I get BOINC Screen Saver on Linux?

Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : How do I get BOINC Screen Saver on Linux?
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Message 1815367 - Posted: 6 Sep 2016, 12:08:47 UTC
Last modified: 6 Sep 2016, 12:09:48 UTC

We are using Linux Lite OS. We can get the BOINC task manager to show us that we are analyzing 2 data sets at a time, with the capacity for 4 more. How do we activate the other 4?

When installed on Windows OS, seti@home shows a screensaver. How do we get that on Linux?

Windows OS prefers a download of Oracle VM Virtual Box. Does Linux not need this, or is it there already?
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Message 1815400 - Posted: 6 Sep 2016, 20:17:18 UTC - in response to Message 1815367.  

How to use the screen saver on Linux:
Although it's very possible that this project does not have a graphics application for Linux, only for Windows and Mac OS X. That's something you ought to be able to check, though.

As for the BOINC installer on Windows and the VirtualBox inclusion, that's just done to make it easier for the users to have VBox included for those projects that use it, so that they have the correct version of VBox on their system, one that works with all projects using VirtualBox. Newer versions of this program may not work correctly with the projects.

As to why Linux doesn't have an installer with VirtualBox included, that's because development of the BOINC 7.6 client is solely done by the distributions package maintainers, no longer by Berkeley. You'll have to ask them where to get it. Or if you're interested at running one of the projects that use VirtualBox, best ask them which version you should install and how to do so.

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Message 1815763 - Posted: 8 Sep 2016, 17:44:30 UTC

On my Linux boxes V8 8.00 shows graphics while V8 8.05 does not.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : How do I get BOINC Screen Saver on Linux?

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