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Message 1791644 - Posted: 29 May 2016, 7:18:49 UTC


For the past few weeks, I have been playing with the daily update files (http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/stats/).
For the <country> field in the user.gz file, I have found quite a few old entries that are no longer available in the "Country" drop-down menu on the "Edit account information"
(accessible via: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/home.php ...and then click on link: other account info )

I am suggesting simple changes (listed below) to the values in the appropriate server tables that generate the <country> field of the user.gz file since other existing entries already exist.
(The number of affected records is in parentheses)

    Old entry (record count) -> Change to the following existing entry
    "Bahamas" (8) -> "Bahamas, The"
    "Brunei Darussalam" (4) -> "Brunei"
    "Congo" (1) -> "Congo, Republic of the"
    "Dem. People's Rep. of Korea" (10) -> Korea, North
    "Dem. Republic of the Congo" (2) -> Congo, Democratic Republic of the
    "Faeroe Islands" (9) -> "Faroe Islands"
    "Gambia" (1) -> "Gambia, The"
    "Kazakstan" (14) -> "Kazakhstan"
    "Republic of Moldova" (8) -> Moldova
    "Myanmar" (1) -> "Burma"
    "Russian Federation" (931) -> "Russia"
    "Syrian Arab Republic" (3) -> "Syria"
    "United Rep. of Tanzania" (4) -> "Tanzania"
    "Viet Nam" (7) -> "Vietnam"
    "Wallis and Futuna Islands" (1) -> "Wallis and Futuna"
    {blank}/Null (54124) -> "None"

I realize these changes are not in-line with the ISO standard. Nonetheless, it will be possible at a later date to make changes to the source of the drop-down menu entries.
This list contains only 1-to-1 and unambiguous scenarios (unlike others that I have chosen to not include in the list, such as: "Virgin Islands", "Yugoslavia" and "Serbia and Montenegro")

Also, since these suggested changes only affect existing entries to other existing entries, there is likely no need to make any change to any table structure or any new records to be added to any secondary validation tables
Please let me know if these changes are not as simple to do as I anticipate them to be.
If I could get my hands on the relational database schema of the tables on the server, I could submit a SQL query to test the changes on my end.

The only issue that I can anticipate is:

    Some BOINC statistic websites are already rolling up these different spellings. Their queries might be expecting one of the duplicate entries that I am suggesting be no longer used.

Rob :-}

PS: I am not sure if this post should be placed in this category (Questions and Answers : Web site) considering the Q&A section is mostly for new BOINCers. Let me know if I should post topics about the daily update files (http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/stats/) somewhere else, such as a developers forum...since I am likely to have a few if my input is welcomed.

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Questions and Answers : Web site : old duplicate "Country" entries (with different spelling) in user.gz

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