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Message 1861188 - Posted: 13 Apr 2017, 11:36:43 UTC - in response to Message 1861152.  
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just inquiring is there any one except remote volunteers still working this project ?

The whole world has volunteers but we have no one with a degree in Berkley that can type an update. Sorry but that is a measured fact.

Here is an update from someone in Berkeley from three days ago. Yes, you are correct that it is not typed. :^)

At least one person from SAH has indicated previously that Matt Lebofsky has been almost completely kept busy with the Breakthrough Listen project, so has had very little time for anything else (such as these updates.) But between the regular videos and Dr. Anderson's updates on Nebula there is plenty of info on progress.
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Message boards : Technical News : Data Dump (May 17 2016)

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