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Message 1781949 - Posted: 24 Apr 2016, 6:33:45 UTC - in response to Message 1781715.  
Last modified: 24 Apr 2016, 6:35:41 UTC

I remember reading that Green Bank will scan the local group of galaxies, including the Maffei galaxies.

I thought the targeted search would only be the most promising Kepler objects... the furthest I know of is Kepler-40B at 8,800 ly. M31 is about 2.5Mly, so a signal from M31 would have to be at least (2.5M/8800)^2 ~ 80,700x stronger to be detected. Assuming evenly distributed signal power, we're the reciprocal of this as likely to discover something at that distance. If signal powers are more commonly what we can produce (into the megawatt range) it's even more unlikely or impossible (plus at that angular resolution isn't it going to be drowned out by the rest of the galaxy?) Hrm.

Edit: Maybe for these observations SAH is just "going along for the ride" as we do with Arecibo.
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Message 1781995 - Posted: 24 Apr 2016, 10:15:52 UTC
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It says they will search the 100 closest galaxies.
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Message 1784420 - Posted: 3 May 2016, 5:58:11 UTC - in response to Message 1778449.  

The VLARs go out to ATI GPUs, but are held back from NVIDIA. If I could find a way to send VLAR to only NVIDIA OpenCL and not NVIDIA CUDA, I would...

Eric, can you (or someone else from a team) update articles here:
& write another article for a quick FAQ for a ATi GPU's...

With a new v8 of SETi@home, we probably have some other min requirements than from v7...also, minimal requirements on a chip setting - from my knowledge for nVidia it's 8000+ cards that have CUDA cores...
But also, lack of ATi GPU articles give people less info about what they can use...& nVidia has about 200TFLOPs, while ATi GPUs have about 55TFLOPs! So people might need some new info, which card to get?!

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