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Message 1742130 - Posted: 14 Nov 2015, 20:37:51 UTC

It has 4gb ram..up to 3.25-3.5GB available to apps

Quad core CPUs with Quad GPUs. Granted nowhere near the power of a PC , but FAR more powerful than a PS3 and some other distributing system used the PS3 while back ago

Only cost $99 per year to be a part of the development program, and Apple only charges of 30% fee for whatever your app sells for… So if you create a free app for the public, there is no charge for putting the app on the App Store because your $99 per year fee covers that Correction… I still think there might be a small fee for putting a free,app up..Apple makes so much money off their 30% take and all of the takes they take out of the iPads, they usually let free apps pretty much just go up for free or little or no cost…
Sends OS X and iOS very similar, I don't see a huge Problem as long as there is an OS X version. In a nutshell, iOS is just a scaled-down version of OS X

Main problem would be with apples issue of downloading something with in your application… But there is already proof that Apple allows people to do that… For example the iPad and iPhone has MMORPGs on it, and those games constantly update themselves via downloads into the program… Now those updates cannot update the original application itself… Any patches to the original application or the boinc client must be patched through the Apple App Store...however, Apple should have no issue with the download of work units. They should have no problem as long as all of points and the work units run under the mobile user account and don't try to run under root or anything that has elevated permissions other than the mobile account

Of course there is completely another option… And that is to develop BOINC for jailbroken only devices… Because I'm guessing the average person isn't going to run BOINC...then you can sell it through the Cydia online store which doesn't have the limitations Apple does… As long as you're not riding a virus or Trojan, Cydia really does not care what your app can even add third-party repositories to CYDIA And Cydia puts up a disclaimer saying that if you go to the site you may be possibly infecting your device with the Trojan virus…

The beauty about developing it for jailbroken devices is that coders for both the main program and the work units, could absolutely do anything they wanted to and violate all Apple protocols and use all of the API calls that Apple forbids normal developers to use that are reserved for Apple only created applications

All iPads have 32-bit CPU and GPU's otherwise mentioned
However, you can still go the legit route, and I believe blank would still be possible… The iPad Pro would be the best choice considering the amount of memory, processor, and GPU power… The other choices would be the iPad air one and two… Personally, I would not consider any iPads unless they are of the air generation or later ....The iPad one through four simply lacks memory and CPU and GPU power to really pull off any sort of work units to make it worthwhile

I'd make it for iPad Air 1&2 plus future gens and iPad pro lime and future gens.. The iPad 4 just barely might be able to pull it off.... iPad one and only came with 256 MB of memory, and cannot run anything beyond iOS 5.1.1… And that iPad I only had about 50 to 100 MB of memory for anyone or multiple applications to use, and 1 cpu core… The iPad 2 came with a measly 512 MB of memory, and I believe caps out in iOS 9.x where some multitasking is allowed… Even then, Developers are limited to using about 100 to 200 MB of memory for applications or any one single application…plus only 2 CPUs , and 2 GPUs. Only reason why the iPad to could run iOS 9 is because of the dual core CPUs and the quad core GPUs… But it really lacks enough memory to even run iOS 8 or nine properly and barely has room for any application use at all

Keep in mind that iOS 9 REALLY wants to use one full gigabyte of RAM if possible ( in order to fully activate all of the operating systems features)… And it will use up to 2 GB of RAM if it is available and on a 4GB device, it will use up to 3 GB of RAM… However I OS 8 and nine will terminate non critical services as and reduce itself to 500-700MB depending on the device... Newer devices require a higher minimum amount of operating system memory usage

Ipad3: 1ghz dual core , 4 core GPUs, 1GB ram, iOS 9.x
iPad 4: 1.4 GHZ 2Core, 4 core GPUs, 1GB RAM, iOS 9.x
... BOINC would be possible on the iPad 3 and iPad for, but their generation of CPUs and quad core GPUs are fairly weak when compared to newer models, and would probably take quite a long time to complete work units… For the most part , any CPU work units would be useless on older iPads as the CPUs were too slow , too few, and would take too long to complete them...Best bet would to be targeting GPU only if allowed to run on the three and four generation iPads.. If that proved those GPUs were even capable of completing work units in a timely fashion

Now we move the iPad five and six, respectively known as the iPad air and iPad air 2..or just basic specs and don't get into memory bandwidth between the CPU and memory… Which can vary between 64 bits and up to 256bits depending on the model. Another reason why I feel only the iPad Air and above line of iPads as well as the pro line only the best ones for using BOINC is because they are 64-bit models versus 32-bit

Ipad5, Air: 1.4 GHz 2core, 64bit CPUs, 4 core 64bit GPUs, 1GB RAM ( this was a mistake on Apple's part as the iPad should've had 2 GB of RAM starting with the iPad 4). In this model was far more powerful than a PlayStation three as a PlayStation three only had 512 MB ram, dual core CPUs, and 2 GPU cores, but the PS3 has fantastic quality games that have not even been seen on the iPad – this is only because the mobile market would not pay $50 for a game… Ever since the iPad three or four came out those units were equal or more powerful than a PlayStation three and capable of playing for PlayStation three quality gaming

iPad 6, Air2: 1.5GHz 3core 64bit CPUs, 8 core GPU, 2GB RAM. In my opinion, this is the first tablet were Apple actually got serious about really maintaining a presence in the tablet market… You have three 64-bit Cors at 1.5 GHz, and you have a simultaneous GPU cores… They might be weak in compared to a desktop cores , but with one work unit using all of the iPads eight Core, the work you and it would probably finish in a decent amount of time..pending on how powerful each of the 8/4 in the iPad six are, each work unit would have to either run one work unit per core, or the WU would have to be updated to allow all eight cores to work on it simultaneously.. Same goes for CPU WUs.. If the work units could not be completed in time using a single CPU, then the work units would have to be coded to use multiple CPUs at once… Be at two, three, or four depending on the iPad model… And I know this is very well possible because Milky Way at home and other projects can use up to 32 CPU Up to 32 GPU Cores at once, i'm not talking about 32 separate work units running in parallel… I'm talking about one work unit using all CPU resources, and one work unit using GPU processors available. Plus, with the iPad air 2, Apps have about 1 GB to 1.3 GB available of memory to use… And I would not be surprised if the iPad air three which is missing this year and will probably come out in mid 2016… Will probably have three or 4 GB of RAM

And now we finally come to the iPad Pro :
Apple9X main chip
2.25 GHz 2 core , 64bit CPUs, , 4GB (LPDDR4) ram. The CPUs are so optimized and have doubled the bandwidth of the iPad air two, that you nearly CPUs desk top performance out of these dual core CPU's...this line of the iPads would definitely be the best to run your work units on… As each work unit could probably run to work units side-by-side on each CPU and finish within oh reasonable amount of time. The pro drops back from a and eight for GPU unit to a 4 core GPU unit…...but even then these 4 cores are over 2.5 times more powerful than all of the eight cores combined in the iPad air 2. Apparently the graphics cores of the iPad Pro are so powerful that they can number crunch and handle graphics better than most average PCs on the market… We're talking low to medium and desktop PCs year… As well as the iPad Pro CPU power… Granted in modern-day PCs 2.25 GHz is not enough for gaming as you would counter CPU lag, but it is perfectly fine for the iPad and would do well for work units for bo granted in modern day PCs 2.25 GHz is not enough for gaming as you would counter CPU lag, but it is perfectly fine for the iPad and would do well for work units for BOINC

So while I think this program could be adopted iOS, and probably work units could be configured for iPad fours or later generations… This would require some fundamental changes to work units that are to iOS operating system's… With the exception of the iPad Pro as those work units could function like they would on a desktop or a laptop
Fortunately this would create a headache for the people who maintain and run projects because they would have to have yet another class of work units that the user would have to check so they would get the proper work units for their iPad model ..

I didn't even bother to list the iPad mini specs… Mostly because most of the minis are behind the times and technology with the respective full-blown iPad generations… But some of them are definitely capable of handling work units – definitely the most newest generations

Really don't see the point of running work units on iPhone ... Is mainly because Apple will not allow any app to do some serious number crunching or serious CPU or GPU work once the screen is locked and the app is considered in the background

Apple does allow apps to continue to work in the background if they must access the network and or location data and or are playing sound… So if the coders of BOINC added an option to the client for the user to be able to listen to any of their music on their device while numbercrunching, this would give the main client and the work units the permissions to run in the background – plus the client must be able to use the network to download new work units… But that is only periodically, so the main client and work units would need a reason to fully run in the background, and the only way to do that would be to play music – otherwise the minute you lock the screen, the projects would be halted ... Granted both iPhone and the iPad can be chosen to not lock after a timeout., This is much more feasible with an iPad versus an iPhone. The iPads may not be able to get a massive amount of work done, but every little bit of amount of CPU and GPU to work time adds up, If you consider the millions and millions amount of tablets out there, having this client support them would let projects have massive amounts of processing power towards their projects
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Message 1742131 - Posted: 14 Nov 2015, 20:41:48 UTC

Basically the various projects used would not have to pay for the $99 Apple development license, nor were they have to pay anything because their work units would not be downloaded to the Apple Store… Only the people that develop the main client that would be downloaded for the Apple Store would have to pay $99 per year, and probably little or next to nothing to put it on the app Store

BOINC Could even be configured to display IADs periodically in order to make up for some of the money put forth to put this on the App Store

user could then, purchase a one time fee to permanently eliminate ads that would only cost like one dollar… If enough people downloaded the client, that would generate the people who make the client probably 50,000 to $100,000 or more which could be used to further develop client, etc.

Granted this would not make the client free… But asking $.99 is not asking too much…, And I believe $.99 is the minimum you can charge for a paid application on the market… Be it out right on the market for with in an I app purchase
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Message 1743214 - Posted: 18 Nov 2015, 22:19:53 UTC

BOINC has its own forums that questions like these are best asked at:

I have however asked the BOINC developer for the Macintosh to come take a look at your post(s) and perhaps answer.
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