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Steve Croft
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Message 1739408 - Posted: 3 Nov 2015, 22:04:12 UTC
Last modified: 3 Nov 2015, 22:04:25 UTC

Zuhra Abdurashidova started working at BSRC in June, and will be helping to get the Breakthrough Listen initiative running. You can see our interview with her at
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Message 1739456 - Posted: 4 Nov 2015, 1:05:44 UTC


Welcome to SETI@home. Your interview is great and I can't wait to see what your contribution to data for us to crunch will be. A great group of folks to work with for sure!

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Message 1739642 - Posted: 4 Nov 2015, 15:54:15 UTC

She sounds like a bright and intelligent addition to the team. :~)
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Message 1739846 - Posted: 5 Nov 2015, 8:51:27 UTC
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Engineering + Science is the definition of a double edged sword I can relate to :D. Totally respect the effort ahead for Zuhra. cool times!
"Living by the wisdom of computer science doesn't sound so bad after all. And unlike most advice, it's backed up by proofs." -- Algorithms to live by: The computer science of human decisions.
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Message 1739934 - Posted: 5 Nov 2015, 18:31:33 UTC

we have been sending messages for over 100 years from the start of radio, an alien with equal or better technology could have heard us already from 100 light years out. The recent planetary finds out there make alien life yet more plausible. What concerns me is think about the very short time man on earth is and the advance of technology has grown, but is but a flash of time in celestial time. Would we find such an alien, and yet find out that life had dissappeared. Would we find residual data left over from a technical alien life? Can we sort out the mass of data to find that? I hope we can, I wonder if the new software would integrate seemless into the current SETI software or will there be something new? Something that takes advantage of the 64 bit crunching?

Welcome aboard Zuhra, big job ahead.
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Message 1740866 - Posted: 9 Nov 2015, 16:19:36 UTC
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Hi! I can not watch this video.You can write briefly about what it meant?

I went crazy idea ...
Or maybe it's a mistake sending radio signals, and there we do not understand?
It may need to be encoded as the message into space and transmit light waves?
They can then quickly come to us ...
Sorry I do not know English, and the program can not translator you my thoughts ....

Mom told me earlier, "to learn the language, son" :)))
If I knew it would be in the future, "he put a straw" :)

I'm sorry, the translation is made with the help of online translator
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William Warren

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Message 1742435 - Posted: 16 Nov 2015, 2:51:05 UTC
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Message 1742635 - Posted: 16 Nov 2015, 20:20:10 UTC

I don't know if Yuri Milner's mother is still alive, but she can be ONE PROUD MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Personally, I'm buying a 1500 dollar computer custom made for SETI, because I'm so excited about Yuri Milner being such a nice person! And I really like Jill Tarter too! I saw her on the Closer to Truth tv show the other day, and I think she had the very best idea of anyone in the show.

One thing I can think of, is that I feel like someone should be found to get something like the Planetary Society has going - a small store section where people can buy T shirts etc for everyone, plus sew on badges, that one can buy if they are contributing their computers time. Now that SETI is in the big leagues, it should be advertising better. I'd help on that idea for free, if I didn't have so waaay too much of my own scientific stuff going. I know all you scientists are waaay too busy too, but really, eventually someone should be found to do this. That's what I think.

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Dave Hamann

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Message 1753110 - Posted: 2 Jan 2016, 6:48:48 UTC

Welcome Zuhra :)
I just checked her linkedin profile and apparently she has got some decent SolidWorks experience.
Hope you all the best.
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