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Message 1724989 - Posted: 12 Sep 2015, 10:11:33 UTC - in response to Message 1724659.  
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First of all, I am pretty sure young people don't even use 'boomboxes' any more. That was more an 80s thing. Young people have headphones or the play music directly from their phones (which I do find annoying when they do it on buses).

As a relatively young person I can tell you that no, we didn't use boomboxes. I had a discman when I was 10 and I got a mp3 player when I was 14 or something. Now most people I know use phones, log on to wifi and use Spotify.

I suppose today the closest thing to a boombox is when someone gets wireless speakers they can connect to their phone.
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Message boards : Politics : Ephebiphobia

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