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Message 1656644 - Posted: 25 Mar 2015, 9:54:57 UTC - in response to Message 1656627.  

My first quick look at PostgreSQL is 400 MB is considered a big dB ...

Where did you see that??

I would have to go hunting for it. It was on an app download page.

I was along the lines of "We are successfully running a 400Mb dB with no problem" I'm not sure what their limit is, I didn't look.

But when a app brags/advertising about 400Mb, it's probably not far off what their limitation is.

As I said it was just a quick look at what they offered.

I'm not quite so sure why you'd assume a limit isn't far off from what was probably a testimonial of their product, but you can see on their http://www.postgresql.org/about/:

Limit                      Value

Maximum Database           Size Unlimited 
Maximum Table Size         32 TB 
Maximum Row Size           1.6 TB 
Maximum Field Size         1 GB 
Maximum Rows per Table     Unlimited 
Maximum Columns per Table  250 - 1600 depending on column types 
Maximum Indexes per Table  Unlimited

It's always best to research the product rather than make assumptions from advertisements/testimonials.
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