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Message 1621407 - Posted: 31 Dec 2014, 20:39:37 UTC

I'm running boinc on my mobile and tablet. However, when I log into boinc on the website there is no record of my tablet. This also means the score isn't being recorded on my account, even though my tablet shows a credit score.

Both phone and tablet are running android.

Anyone any ideas?
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Message 1621423 - Posted: 31 Dec 2014, 22:16:48 UTC - in response to Message 1621407.  

You have two accounts. Either when you added the second device, you told BOINC to make a new account, or when using the "yes, use existing account" option, you mistyped the email address. Which in the case of swiping is easily done.

The only way to solve that is to remove Seti from the missing device and adding it again, this time making sure you added the correct email address.
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Missing device in stats

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