How do I disable GPUs on one of my computers

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Message 1484957 - Posted: 5 Mar 2014, 19:17:30 UTC

I want to disable the GPU computing on my laptop -- it gets VERY hot when the GPU is running, and I don't want to put that thermal stress on this machine...

It's a Dell XPS15, running Windows 8.1 and the latest BOINC software (7.2.42 x64).

I can easily click "Suspend GPU" from the Activity menu -- but that doesn't stop it from downloading GPU-based tasks. I want to prevent it from downloading GPU-based tasks entirely -- but just on this one machine. I don't want to disable GPU-based computing on my entire account.

So how do I do this? I cannot for the life of me find any "don't download GPU tasks" in the settings of the BOINC manager or the settings for the SETI@Home project within the BOINC manager.

I'm sure it's a simple setting somewhere, but I've looked thru all the menus, and searched here on the forum, to no avail. I'm sure I'm just missing something -- maybe I'm not using the right search-terms. It's not my intention to pester anyone, so I apologize in advance if this has been asked and answered before.

Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

Laurence MacNeill
Mableton, Georgia, USA
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Message 1485101 - Posted: 5 Mar 2014, 22:22:23 UTC - in response to Message 1484957.  
Last modified: 5 Mar 2014, 22:23:22 UTC

In Your Account there is a link to the Seti@Home Project Preferences, where one of the options is "Use (Brand) GPU" Yes/No, where Brand is ATI, Nvidia and Intel.

If you want to stop using one of either Nvidia GPUs, you'll have to set up a separate venue (home, work, school) for that hostID and the preferences. If you need help on that, just holler.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : How do I disable GPUs on one of my computers

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