whats happened to all the AP work units

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Message 1400965 - Posted: 9 Aug 2013, 8:12:39 UTC

up till the new v7 formate i have been able to use my GPU to work on AP work units. However since the new setiathome version 7 i have not received many ap work units as before. it is a pity that my GPU only works on AP Work units and has now been idle for sometime. Is there a way of using my GPU/ATI on V7 work units or is there a problem with AP work units hence none available?
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Message 1401050 - Posted: 9 Aug 2013, 13:39:19 UTC - in response to Message 1400965.  
Last modified: 9 Aug 2013, 13:39:40 UTC

AP's tend to come in bunches because they are split faster than MB units. There are fewer AP units on each tape, so it becomes a waiting game until the MB work on those tapes is complete and new tapes are loaded. Until the first of this week, there were no AP's being split. Now there are plenty, as you can see here .

If you're not getting AP's you might want to check your preference settings.
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Message 1401259 - Posted: 9 Aug 2013, 23:57:11 UTC - in response to Message 1400965.  

You are using too old video driver:

I can convert 1.4.1385 to Catalyst 11.5 using this table:

The minimum required is Catalyst 11.12


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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : whats happened to all the AP work units

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