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kevin tafuro

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Message 1276637 - Posted: 28 Aug 2012, 11:43:30 UTC


me and my friend where we have 8 machines running OpenBSD 5.1
and we would like to connect them together to form an HPC cluster and run over to join the seti boinc could show us how to do?
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Message 1277152 - Posted: 29 Aug 2012, 16:22:04 UTC
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I'm not sure if this will help, but covers a commandline only operation on linux, which should be almost exactly how you would run boinc it in a command line only BSD environment. Also Boinc doesn't offer a version already compiled for BSD, but you can check here--> and perhaps find something you can install on your OS, or get the source and build your own (

As far as using boinc and setting up seti@home, that is something you should perhaps become familiar with first (on a common platform), if you are not already.

Another side note: It had been discussed around here about running boinc on a cluster, and as far as was mentioned, it cannot be done in Linux. If your OpenBSD cluster can run boinc properly across all processors and RAM, this would be very cool to know as it would give some people around here a method to put together a power-cruncher. So please keep us updated.
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Message 1278266 - Posted: 31 Aug 2012, 15:24:11 UTC - in response to Message 1277152.  
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A developer called Dotsch has a BSD version of BOINC client and seti@home app. I am using his Solaris BOINC client and app, command line only, and they work.
See the first thread.
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