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Cave Johnson

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Message 1126943 - Posted: 12 Jul 2011, 5:47:33 UTC

Welcome Friends

We at Aperture Science would like to welcome you in dumping your data using our name. Not for any tax incentive we can use to our advantage later but for the foundation into learning more about science. Now some of you may be wondering why would we be looking for little green men and the fact of the matter is, little green men need to have products sold to them just as much as every one on this planet needs to buy our wonderful products. So if you assist us in searching for a new source of income we would be so thankful we might end up giving every tester a piece of the moon. However most likely you will receive next to nothing. Unless you can see into the future I would have high hopes in this project team.

However if these little green men decide to conduct a hostile takeover the names of every user will be handed over to save my butt to maybe get a position as administrator in supervising all future development projects they want to produce on this planet. So looking back is this not what science is all about to begin with?

Join today as my finance manager tells me we will need quite a few of you for us to be eligible for a tax break before good ole uncle sam takes all of my money and doesn't allow me to reinvest that into my jet ski hobby.

-Cave Johnson
CEO, Aperture Science

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