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Message 2784 - Posted: 30 Jun 2004, 13:22:56 UTC
Last modified: 30 Jun 2004, 13:28:39 UTC

I have just transferred over to BOINC and have lost my classic account in the process.<p>
If I go to my classic user account it says "stephenlclarke@btinternet.com No user with that name was found" even though it is the URL that is shown on my BOINC profile.<p>
My classic registration class of Oct 7 2003 says that I am in tenth position... with 2777 work units. And my classic profile says that I have done 2830 work units. So I do still kind of exist... or at least references to me do.<p>
also, my BOINC profile reports that I have only done 1,690 classic work units.<p>
Is this normal? If it is, what should the URL on my BOINC profile be?

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Message 2797 - Posted: 30 Jun 2004, 13:57:34 UTC

The totals were transfered to the new version on about 5/14/04 any changes made after that are not included.

The rest I hope is just server problems.

John Keck
BOINCing since 2002/12/08
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