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Message 1010910 - Posted: 2 Jul 2010, 18:02:05 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jul 2010, 18:06:39 UTC

Ok time for the post outage review. these are just my views on the outage.

I had upped my cache to 3 days.
The old P4 never got filled past 2 work units so went dry fast,I turned it off

The i7 , The GPU ran out of work after 1 day. The CPU Ran out of work some time late last night. I dont think the cache was filled up on that either. Plus the 2 -12 errors on the GPU shure didnt help when trying to fill it.

The mac never ran out of work And still has a bunch.

All in all I think it went rather well. I will let my cache ride at 3 days and will see how the next 3 day outage goes. My wish list for the P4 is about 4 AP units.

All my machines now have WU's, so lets see what the weekend brings.

Old James
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Message boards : Number crunching : New outage schedule....

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