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Message 975969 - Posted: 5 Mar 2010, 15:31:36 UTC

OK, I'm still getting "validate errors" 2 from today and one from yesterday plus a few others lingering from the last couple of weeks.

I've read the posts on this issue and I still have a question...are the fine folks at Berkeley going to fix this problem for everyone and give credit where it's due or do we have to individually petition the powers that be to have our individual WU's fixed?

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Message 975972 - Posted: 5 Mar 2010, 15:42:27 UTC - in response to Message 975969.  

I had two 'validate errors'.. I posted in the TNews.

'Message 975571' and following.

One WU got the 3rd result and is now 'deleted'.

The other is still available, but I guess it'll not be fixed.

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Message 976204 - Posted: 6 Mar 2010, 10:45:38 UTC

Can't see any more validate errors here at seti, but at seti BETA there I still have lots of them. Suspended all BETA WUs, now and set it to NNT until this is fixed.
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Message 976212 - Posted: 6 Mar 2010, 12:24:49 UTC

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