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Dave(The Admiral)Nelson

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Message 37879 - Posted: 18 Oct 2004, 13:11:28 UTC

Halleluja: Did I spell that right? I finally got SETI/BOINK running on two of my four machines. Now that I have it running it seems so simple that I wonder why it gave me so much trouble. Any of the team at Berkely could have, in 5 minutes or less, put out a procedure that anyone could have understood, but they didn't bother. Most of the problem lies in the fact that the things you need to know and do are scattered about in different places and one doesn't know just what to be looking for at the various steps.

I had the same trouble when I switched from GUI to CLI until I was rescued by Marcel Zuiderveld.

Some people have a greater knack for this sort of thing than others. I am one of the others.

The Admiral
Dave Nelson
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