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Message 37031 - Posted: 16 Oct 2004, 1:27:43 UTC

Hi... I'm not quite sure why (the Bionic Application is in it's own directory in the library section of my home folder), but Bionic seems to be dumping a lot of files right into my home folder.

So far I've ran into...

Any idea on how to keep these things confined to a specific directory would be a great help :)
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Message 37100 - Posted: 16 Oct 2004, 6:10:49 UTC


Boinc is geting better, but it's not quite 'bionic' yet. Just kidding.

In general, applications will spew their output into the directory from where the application was executed. For example, if you were to be in Terminal and drag the Boinc application into the Terminal window from its location in the Finder window and hit , Boinc would launch and its output would be deposited into whatever directory you happened to be in within Terminal. If you did this immediately after launching Terminal (or at least after not having changed directories in Terminal), Terminal would be pointing to your $home directory.

So, if you generally fit the above situation, remember to change directories ('cd') to the location of the Boinc application before launching it. This can be done easily by typing 'cd ' (without the apostrophes) and dragging the icon of the folder containing the Boinc application into the Terminal window (you could also type the path, of course, such as /Users/myname/Library/Boinc). Then, you could drag the Boinc application icon into Terminal to launch it (or, again, type its name, such as ./boinc_4.13_powerpc-apple-darwin). Now, Boinc output would be placed in the Boinc folder.

You can observe where you are at in Terminal at any time with the 'pwd' command. Your $home directory can be abbreviated with a tilde(~), such as ~/Library/Boinc.

Finally, I recommend moving your Boinc folder into the /Applications folder, unless you don't want other users of your machine to be able to run Boinc or view its output. You can still apply these restrictions within the /Applications folder, but that's another Unix topic outside the scope of this reply.


Mark Cochran
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Message 39374 - Posted: 23 Oct 2004, 8:37:55 UTC
Last modified: 23 Oct 2004, 8:38:12 UTC

take a look at my post in subject, Install Boinc with Mac OS 10.3.5
this will help you out!..
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