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Message 925190 - Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 18:07:57 UTC - in response to Message 924865.  

I get < 50C on my CPUs running SETI 24/7. But they are running at stock speed, so maybe that's the diff.

My E6600 cores sit at around 50°-54°c running at stock speed (2.4GHz). But that's running an optimised application, and with ambient temperatures anywhere from 28° up to 35°c (or more on a really bad day).

I gave up temp monitoring a long time ago...there are soooooooo many issues with the temp monitoring prgrams that I don't know what to believe anyway.

I run 'em 'till they quit running.
And I have not burnt one up yet.
The mobo or psu seem to be the weak points.
If the temp gets too high, the rig shuts down. End of line.

So I just push the envelop until it collapses.
And then I know I have gone too far.

But no cpu calamity.


So......push it. When is doesn't run anymore, you will know.

Well, modern MBs will shut down when CPU gets too hot. (I had a HSF fall off a CPU awhile back (don't ask) and the machine shut down... when I opened the box, there was the HSF, dangling form it's fan wire!)
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Message boards : Number crunching : Q9300 Temp Issue

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