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Message 918509 - Posted: 16 Jul 2009, 19:03:52 UTC - in response to Message 918291.  

Nicolas wrote:
Every five seconds (by default; SETI may be changing that delay), the feeder checks if there is any free space in the queue and fills it with data from the database. And while the feeder is busy doing that, querying the database, the schedulers can still get items from the queue.

Interesting point, in Matt's post last December on Feeder issues, he said "two seconds".

The default 5 seconds would be somewhat too long when only S@H Enhanced work is available, steady state would be near 60 MBits/sec of download. But when there are also 3 Astropulse tasks steady state would be about 99 MBits/sec and that's obviously too much.

As a command line argument is needed to deviate from the default, that feature isn't really helpful for handling short term variations.
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Message boards : Technical News : Increasing Numbers (Jul 01 2009)

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