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Message 889364 - Posted: 29 Apr 2009, 5:47:37 UTC - in response to Message 889339.  

In my view one of the reasons for lack of interest is the perception that the project is dying on its feet. It appears that vlunteers are just crunching for the sake of it. The website is in need of a makeover with information as to what has been discovered. Look at the newsletters - nothing since September !

It seems to me that there is only one kind of "real" news, and that announcement can only be made once. It also signals the end of the project.

And the first detection of an extra-solar planet by the dimming of its star's light was the only one because everybody stopped looking. And because a strong single pulse was seen in data from the Parkes radio telescope nobody else is looking?

IMO, the first detection of a signal with a high probability of having been produced by an extraterrestrial civilization will cause much more searching. Nobody ever said there was only one needle in the haystack.

There are really only three significant numbers in the universe: 0, 1, and infinity.

Either something exists, a single unique instance exists, or there are lots of them.

Right now, we think our needle is the only needle. Finding an extraterrestrial signal means that mankind is not unique, not alone.

... and if intelligence exists out there, if there are two, then many, many more exist and finding them is just a matter of time.

It's finding the first Extra-Terrestrial Signal that is really interesting.
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Message 889729 - Posted: 30 Apr 2009, 1:52:02 UTC - in response to Message 888573.  

what do you consider an older computer i have a 1.8ghz amd pushed to 2.6something and drop'd like $120 on a 9800gt just so i could smash S@H wu's. AP wu's take too long on my pc at 150~200hrs. so i dont usually run Ap unless i have too and when that isnt a option i jump over to gpugrid for a day to keep everything busy. one thing i must say tho is ive had to set my vidcard to stock clocks and im thinking about lowering my cpu OC due to the warmer months closing in

Um. That sounds like a fairly new computer. My oldest still going is a Pentium 2 447MHz, it is no longer crunching for S@H though. If a computer cannot do the work for a project, there are other projects that can still use the computational power.

I have one computer that is now 2 days late, and will be another full day before it completes. Yes, these are on 24/7.

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