Update needed to FAQ's ?

Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Update needed to FAQ's ?
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Message 864347 - Posted: 11 Feb 2009, 15:34:40 UTC
Last modified: 11 Feb 2009, 15:35:32 UTC

"Q) Does SETI@home run GPU and CPU versions simultaneously?

No. If BOINC determines your CPU is capable of running the CUDA version, only the CUDA version of SETI@home will run. One copy will run on each GPU you have installed. If you want to keep your CPUs occupied at the same time, you can join another BOINC project.
The BOINC developers expect the capability to run CPU and GPU jobs simultaneously for the same application will be added in the next couple months."

My system runs one CUDA WU on the GPU & one AP WU on the CPU at the same time. Should the FAQ be updated to reflect this? As of now people would think the CPU remains idle, when it does not, well at least mine does not.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : Update needed to FAQ's ?

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