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Message 853541 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 0:09:47 UTC

Today started the process of reconfiguring the underlying RAID devices on the secondary science database server (bambi). I was able to scrape together enough spare drives within the system to make temporary space so I could shuffle things around. Given the amount of data each shuffle takes a long long time. In fact, we're kinda stuck on this project until tomorrow. Anyway.. the database is sitting on three concatenated 6-drive RAID5's. Actually, given the way LVM is handling things it's mostly all on one 6-drive RAID5. Don't ask me why we set it up this way. The plan is to convert these 18 drives into a giant RAID10. More spindles, better striping, etc. and we can take the hit in usable storage.

Other than that, and messing around with Bob's desktop (which seems to have gotten a weird case of OS rot), I'm still elbow deep in programming. I hate C++ so very much but I admit the standard template library is helpful once you wrap your brain around it all.

- Matt

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Message 853550 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 0:32:53 UTC

Thanks for the update, Matt!

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Message 853559 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 0:48:00 UTC

. . . Thanks as usual Matt - Keep iT up Sir

BOINC Wiki . . .

Science Status Page . . .
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Message 853936 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 21:22:54 UTC

Matt.........why is the AP validator not running? I am at a new personal high for pending credits because of this.

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