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Message 850268 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 0:06:20 UTC
Last modified: 7 Jan 2009, 0:08:13 UTC

It's Tuesday, so that means database maintenance outage - the usual drill. We are recovering from that now. During the downtime I added more space to the workunit storage - actually reaching an unexpected 4 terabyte logical limit on that volume. This isn't a big deal, and we converted the two drives we can't use on this volume into extra spares which are always welcome. I also rolled up my sleeves and drew up a brand new power map of the closet which was until now sorely outof date. After we get Dan to measure the current draw directly at the breakers we can start safely adding machines to the closet.

Over the holiday break, at least since I last posted anything, there was only one real incident. Our scheduling server went kaput and required reboot. Dan and Eric actually took care of that as I was happily making a chunk of change playing a New Year's Eve gig at the time. The surprise outage had the benefit of reducing demand on our resources so we could finally drain our back-end queues, and we recovered nicely once everything was back up and running.

Jeff found the bug in the validator today that's been causing some confusion when comparing cuda vs. non-cuda processed workunits. He's working on the fallout/cleanup from all that while we're still trying to figure out why some cuda clients are overflowing on certain workunits.

By the way, welcome to 2009. I'm only now just getting back into the lab (was out of town between new year's day and yesterday). I have hopes of progress regarding UC Berkeley's SETI project in general.

- Matt
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Message 850289 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 0:44:05 UTC

Thanks for the update...glad you got some time off...

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Message 850301 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 1:14:56 UTC

. . . Thanks for the Updates Matt - Hope Your New Year goes Well

and THAT goes for everybody else @ Berkeley . . .

ps - nice that you got to jam Matt . . .

BOINC Wiki . . .

Science Status Page . . .
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Message 850413 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 7:33:59 UTC

Thank you for the update Matt.....

Glad you were able to add to the WU storage....hopefully it smooths out some of the bumps the project has been having lately.

And thank you for addressing some of the Cuda issues. I am sure you know that they have been causing some degree of consternation to many of the Seti faithful. Knowing that they are being looked at and some progress is being made helps a lot.

Wishing a great 2009 to you as well, and sharing your hope for good things to come for the Seti project.

"Freedom is just Chaos, with better lighting." Alan Dean Foster

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Message 850535 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 19:26:23 UTC

Good to read the update, and I hope 2009 is a good year for SETI!
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Message 850544 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 19:55:45 UTC

Since the equipment donated by Overland Storage has started to come online the project seems to be running with fewer problems. Thanks Overland!

Looking forward to our 10 year aniversary. Thanks to everyone at Berkeley for your hard work and dedication to the project.

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Message 850569 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 21:13:03 UTC

... and a hearty Welcome Back!

Hello, from Albany, CA!...
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