boinc 4.09 doesn't do "time slicing" anymore?

Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc 4.09 doesn't do "time slicing" anymore?
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Message 28920 - Posted: 22 Sep 2004, 9:02:53 UTC

I noticed that since i've installed 4.09 , it only processes seti wu's . THe wu for climate prediction remained stuck at the level when i installed 4.09 .
Seems that this version forgot to share resources between projects. Is anyone experiencing the same problem ,especially with Climate prediction?
If it helps i'm running windows xp sp2 on a 2.5 athlon core barthon with 1gb ram and 120gb hdd.
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Message 28997 - Posted: 22 Sep 2004, 14:21:49 UTC

What are the resources shares between the projects? Check that in the Projects tab of the GUI. Else set new shares on your account. Or try to exit BOINC, reboot your system and restart BOINC.

I have got CPDN, Seti and LHC running at 50/25/25, with CPDN taking correctly 2 hours against Seti & LHC 1 hour per 4 hours. All on BOINC 4.09.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc 4.09 doesn't do "time slicing" anymore?

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