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Message 715416 - Posted: 20 Feb 2008, 0:03:37 UTC
Last modified: 4 Mar 2008, 22:57:44 UTC

UPDATE: this has been solved by user Gerry Green. Thank you Gerry!

[Edit - added "where to get code" information below]

Occasionally I'll find a query of the form:

select * from SETI_BOINC.user where N;

where "SETI_BOINC" is the name of our mysql database, and N is an arbitrary integer, probably somebody's user id. This is obviously broken, and severely clogs our BOINC mysql database - since "where N" for any value of N > 0 is true, the query ends up really being:

select * from user

..which gums up all cache with our entire user table.

Where is this query happening? My guess is it is originating somewhere in html/ops/notify.php but it really could be anywhere. There's a bunch of php web code which has been converted to object-oriented-ified code by somebody else which I have no time or patience to parse.

To download the source code, go to:

And follow the directions about how to get the BOINC source code. The php stuff (which is general and used by most BOINC projects, including us) is in html subdirectory (look in user, inc, and project).

Find the bug? Send me a private message. Thanks!

- Matt
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