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Message 711268 - Posted: 11 Feb 2008, 18:11:52 UTC
Last modified: 11 Feb 2008, 18:16:27 UTC

We are looking for a volunteer to port SETI@home to the Playstation 3/Cell Broadband Engine architecture. Current PS3 ports exists, but to our knowledge all run on using only the PowerPC portions of the Cell processor rather than on the SPEs.

The final goal of this task will be to have a PS3 SETI@home application that can be downloaded from the SETI@home server and a live-drive Linux+BOINC distribution that can be installed on a pen drive in the same manner as is done for PS3GRID.

If you are interested in working on the PS3 port send me a private message or email korpela at (Waning: I have a fairly difficult spam filter.)

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