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Message 1891 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 13:57:06 UTC

Changes to the team info never seems to be updated in the team info display page. Any idea?
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Message 2241 - Posted: 26 Jun 2004, 3:00:02 UTC
Last modified: 26 Jun 2004, 3:04:01 UTC

I am not sure if this is *THE* reason, but it could be due to the massive load the servers at Berkeley are under right now. They might have made those pages at least semi-static until the load evens out. Just a thought.

They made some pages on S@H-Classic semi-static to reduce system load, so there *IS* precident for it. They *HAVE*, so far, disabled sorting on the team pages, and limited output on user/host/team pages to the top 1000, in order to reduce system load.

Best Wishes to you in your participation in BOINC/S@H. Good luck, and be well.

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