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Message 555138 - Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 2:12:04 UTC
Last modified: 28 Apr 2007, 2:52:10 UTC

My wife and I were in Nevada for a week and a half, and as the trip was half work and half play, we took a (long) day's vacation in CA. We went to Alcatraz, the Jelly Belly factory and Ghirardelli Square amongst others.

One other stop (and I love my wife for coming along on this one) was to visit none other than Eric and the rest of the S@H gang.

I just want to take a moment to tip my hat (toque?) to Eric Korpela and the gang at SSL at UCB for the great tour. Eric was a most amazing host and I was able to learn more in one day about the science of SETI than I thought possible.

I've got a couple of (largely) pertinent pics to share. I'll edit when they're done uploading.

We really had a blast. OK, I had a blast and she thought the displays in the hall were cool. :)

Thanks again Eric!


EDIT - pics!

Two likely suspects, ready to be processed:

SETI@Home's overzealous security guards:

The view from the rear of SSL at Uni. of Cali., Berkeley:

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Message boards : Cafe SETI : I'm slow, sorry about the delay :)

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