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Message 256776 - Posted: 3 Mar 2006, 16:18:14 UTC

Any one eles having this problem???

3/3/2006 7:29:28 AM|SETI@home|No work from project
3/3/2006 7:53:08 AM|SETI@home|Sending scheduler request to
3/3/2006 7:53:08 AM|SETI@home|Reason: To fetch work
3/3/2006 7:53:08 AM|SETI@home|Requesting 1728 seconds of new work

I have been getting that for the last eight days!
It start as "unable to find server" and now
it's "No work from project" Whats up?? Are the servers down at Berkeley??


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Message 256778 - Posted: 3 Mar 2006, 16:22:26 UTC
Last modified: 3 Mar 2006, 16:25:09 UTC

YES, please read the tech news on the home page and the many post on the subject. No new work is being created at the moment.

Boinc V7.2.42
Win7 i5 3.33G 4GB, GTX470
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Questions and Answers : Windows : No work from project

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