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Message 102529 - Posted: 22 Apr 2005, 12:07:43 UTC

Hi all,
The privacy policy clearly states "Nothing that reveals your computer's location (e.g. its domain name or network address) will be shown."

Hmmm, well, in my account details under computer I can see the domain name and adress clearly or is that just for me?


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Message 102538 - Posted: 22 Apr 2005, 12:52:10 UTC
Last modified: 22 Apr 2005, 12:53:09 UTC

Well, you've defined a DNS suffix, so the computer's name is concatenated with that. I also see name.domain.tld entries in my computer's list.

BUT ... you are the only one who can see the computer names. When I look at your list, I can see two machines (1.6GHz and 2.4 GHz), but no name anywhere.

By the way: congrats for your first two WU's crunched ;)
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Message 102691 - Posted: 22 Apr 2005, 17:50:52 UTC

Click on anyone else's username on the forum and check out their computers. That's all anyone else can see about you. Nothing specific.

As has already been mentioned, you see a complete rundown of your specs, but veryone else sees the truncated listing.

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