Donate Hardware to SETI@home

Along with financial contributions, we are also looking for specific hardware donations. Following is a list of items we hope to obtain in the near future.

(Last updated: December 10, 2008)

1Near Time Persistency Checker compute server:
At least eight 64 bit CPU cores (8 single core, 4 dual core or 2 quad core)
32-64GB RAM
At least 2 root drives, >500GB disk space total
(Current situation: We do not have any server slated for this purpose)
2Web servers (for public facing sites):
At least dual 32 bit CPUs (with either dual core or hyper threading)
8GB RAM (more is always better) At least 2 root drives of any modern size
(Current situation: we have one web server - a single point of failure - so more is always better)
 SATA drives:
We use SATA drives almost excluseively at this point for shipping data to/from Arecibo and storing all our workunits/results/databases locally. We seem to always be in need of upgrades and spares. We prefer Seagate brand, 750GB or larger. (Current situation: have some - more is always better)

If you have any interest in making such a donation, please send questions/comments to:

Tax Deductibility Information for U.S. Donors:

Your donation is tax-deductible. The University of California is a nonprofit educational and research organization governed by the provisions of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The University's Federal Identification number for reporting and tax purposes is 94-6002123.

Important Notice to Non-US Donors:

The conditions for tax deductibility described above may only be applied to taxes paid within the United States of America. For any other country or territory, the local legislation and/or International Conventions may sometimes allow you to benefit from similar local deductions, which would apply for the reasons of supporting educational projects and scientific research. You must verify these conditions yourself.

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